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The City of Burnside cools down with APC technology

The City of Burnside is one of Adelaide’s oldest residential areas, and is well known for its tree lined streets, period architecture and plentiful reserves and gardens within its 30km2 area.


City of Burnside


Local Government


Adelaide, South Australia


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The temperature in the council’s data centre had on occasion exceeded levels recommended for reliable hardware operation

Cooling in the data centre was insufficient and unreliable

The council had no way of monitoring their data centre environment for potential hot spots or issues


APC Infrastruxure solution, with InRow cooling

Environmental monitoring equipment

APC Smart UPS RT 10,000


Reliable and efficient cooling to ensure 100 per cent system availability.

Energy savings of around 30%

Physical servers reduced by 20%

Centralised environmental monitoring simplifies administration and provides insight into data centre environment and potential faults or issues

The Council itself is currently made up of approximately 170 employees and a rich volunteer base which services approximately 43,000 people across 28 suburbs.

The Council relies on its Information Technology (IT) to ensure the services it provides to its community are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Staff needed ready access to critical databases and applications, such as email, at all times. Behind the scenes, the IT team need to ensure the 99.99 per cent availability of the Council’s IT systems.


In 2008, Adelaide experienced extreme temperatures on several occasions which led to the temperature in the council’s data centre exceeding recommended levels. It was evident that the data centres cooling systems were unable to cope.

According to Nigel Morris, Acting General Manager Corporate and Community Services for City of Burnside, “We had major issues with our data centre cooling.”

“On extremely hot days we couldn’t cool our data centre room efficiently and we were constantly facing power outages.”

The council was using residential grade air conditioners and it became clear that this cooling solution was not sufficient for a business environment.

The City of Burnside was also very focused on reducing its carbon footprint using energy efficient technology.

The council made the decision to search out a new cooling system that would offer them the efficiency gains they desired, a way of monitoring the environment and a system that provided them with right-sized cooling.


The Council’s IT team investigated neighboring councils to assess the cooling technology they were using and, based on these investigations, were initially looking at a wall mounted unit for its data centre.

However, the council was introduced to APC by reseller Corporate Express and they recommended that City of Burnside use an APC rack mounted solution.

The council is using APC’s Infrastruxure solution with InRow cooling; and an APC Smart UPS RT 10,000.

Once we reviewed APC’s InfraStruxure architecture, we understood why they came so well recommended

“Once we reviewed APC’s InfraStruxure architecture, we understood why they came so well recommended,” said Morris.

APC’s InfraStruxure solution fully integrates power, cooling and environmental management within a rack-optimised design.

“Once we saw the benefits of drawing the hot air from the back of the server units and pushing it out the front, we were sold. We discovered that a wall mounted unit would simply circulate the air around the room.”

“We were also impressed on how the two companies worked together. During the process APC commenced establishment of their Adelaide office which provided us with a local account manager which was really important to us and demonstrated APC’s commitment to our business,” said Morris.

Reliable cooling

The APC InRow cooling solution resolved the Council’s most immediate challenges – reliable and efficient cooling to ensure 100 per cent system availability.

APC InRow is an advanced cooling solution that closely couples cooling with heat load, preventing exhaust air recirculation to sensitive IT equipment.

The InRow cooling solution features a modular and scalable design that enables the Council to meet the changing needs of its data centre environment.

“The APC cooling system is a far more efficient and reliable cooling solution than our previous units. Not only does it use less energy, but it means we don’t have to stress about outages following hot days,” said Morris.

“The APC solution is much more of the business-grade room cooling system we were looking for. Now that the system is focused on cooling the units and not so much on the entire room anymore, we are seeing energy savings of around 30%.”


Using the APC solution combined with the acquisition of a Blade Centre, the council has now reduced its physical servers by 20% and its server room looks much more presentable.

According to Morris: “The APC solution is much more suitable for our environment and suits our management and monitoring needs. We see cost and environmental benefits from using less power as definite positives for the future. The solution offers us the peace of mind we were looking for. We know now that the system can be monitored via our network.”

“APC have continued to support the implementation and configuration of the cooling system after the initial installation. Their commitment to giving us continued service and punctual support is what really makes our experience such a positive one,” said Morris.



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