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World-Class Data Centre Infrastructure for CM Technology Group

Highly reliable, secure and scalable data centre technology


CM Technology Group


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Western Australia


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Integrated Data Centre Physical Infrastructure


56 Racks

Symmetra PX250 UPS

InRow Chilled Water Cooling Units

Perimeter Uniflair Chilled Water cooling units

Intelligent free-cooling and hot-aisle containment design

StruxureWare for Data Centres software

Customer Benefits

Highly reliable, secure and scalable

Intelligent and precision cooling

Reduced energy costs

Centralised data centre infrastructure management

CM Technology Group is a leading IT provider, based primarily in Western Australia. Established in 1998, the company has grown rapidly in the past 15 years, to the point where their existing facilities were no longer meeting their needs. To increase their services, and meet the requirements of their existing and new clients, CM Technology Group made the strategic decision to build a new data centre.


CM Technology Group contacted Schneider Electric Professional Services to discuss their options. They wanted technology that was both reliable and secure so that they could attract high calibre clients to their business.

"When you bring potential clients into a data centre facility, there is a certain level of security and environmental monitoring that they expect," Mia Filpo, Director, Hosted Services at CM Technology Group said. "Our old data centre did not fully meet this expectation."

Mia says that their old data centre environment did not meet the security and backup power and cooling requirements.

"We were unable to remotely monitor our old data centre infrastructure and relied on alerts from the IT Infrastructure. In addition, there was no fire protection, which meant that if we thought something had gone wrong, we had to physically be at the old site to check it. This was both costly and time consuming," Mia said.

The company was also having problems maintaining precise temperature in the old data centre, and was facing high electricity costs as a result, so correct cooling of their equipment was a priority.


The CM Technology Group Tier 2+ data centre occupies 140m2 of floor space, with a capacity to house 56 racks. The facility is constructed using fire resistant material and a smart card security system has been installed to track access to the data centre.

Working with Schneider Electric, the data centre has been designed as a scalable solution so that as CM Technology Group’s clients grow so can the facilities. Schneider Electric Symmetra PX250 Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) have been used in the build to enable a seamless transition from mains power to generator power, should an interruption occur.

Schneider Electric InRow Chilled Water cooling units have been positioned in the middle of the data rack rows to keep the racks running optimally, and Perimeter Uniflair Chilled Water cooling units are also being used. The room itself is kept cool thanks to Schneider Electric’s Hot Aisle Containment System (HACS). HACS encloses the hot aisle, collecting the hot exhaust air from the IT equipment. The hot air is then ducted into a computer room air handler (CRAH), providing around 40 per cent more savings than a cold-aisle system.

Schneider Electric had a holistic view of the build from the start to the finish, and their local representation meant they were very involved throughout the entire design process.

"The Schneider Electric hot aisle containment design was a major draw card for us," Mia said. "By preventing the hot air from circulating in the room, we can reduce our cooling costs across the facility, thereby reducing our long term running costs."

To ensure everything is running correctly Schneider Electric StruxureWare for Data Centres has been installed at the facility. This overarching system will allow CM Technology Group to conserve, optimise and manage the data centre effectively both from the site, and via remote access.

The software is able to generate dozens of relevant key performance metrics, such as power usage effectiveness (PUE) and provide graphical representations of electrical, mechanical and IT equipment to ensure comprehensive and intuitive usability.

"We were relying heavily on a manual, hands-on approach for analysing how efficiently we were running," Mia said. "With the StruxureWare software we are now alerted to any problems straight away, so we can respond immediately."

The StruxureWare for Data Centres software also provides analysis to identify excess capacity and indicates which devices can either be decommissioned or used elsewhere. This is particularly useful for CM Technology Group as they scale up their operations. The company can also use the software to allocate operating costs to their clients and provide appropriate charge backs.

Bottom line

Today's data centres require not only the most reliable UPS systems and architectures, but also systems that are designed from the ground up to accommodate data centre evolutions, monitoring and energy efficiency.

As a result of the work done with Schneider Electric, CM Technology Group now has a bigger facility, and a higher capacity to bring in more clients.

"Once we engaged Schneider Electric they were able to help us out with everything we needed," Mia said. "Schneider Electric had a holistic view of the build from the start to the finish, and their local representation meant they were very involved throughout the entire design process."
Schneider Electric has also been contracted by CM Technology Group to undertake ongoing maintenance at the facility.
"We are very pleased with the work carried out by Schneider Electric," Mia said. "In addition to providing us with a secure and reliable system, we have also seen a decline in our energy use and power bills. The service contract also means that we have reduced the amount of time our employees spend on maintenance."


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