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Enterprise Data Corporation (EDC) maintains critical data centre services

EDC identified a market opportunity to deliver a managed data centre service, and secured Schneider Electric IT as a key supplier for its critical power needs as part of its major data centre expansion


Enterprise Data Corporation Pty Limited (EDC)


Data centre hosting and disaster recovery specialist


Melbourne, Victoria


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EDC required a critical power solution to support the growth of its Melbourne data centre and guarantee the reliability of its business continuity and disaster recovery services.

This change was required to support future technology demands for the business and reduce its environmental impact and energy costs by implementing the latest energy efficient technology.


The EDC data centre includes:

APC Symmetra MW 800kW UPS in a n+1 configuration with built in resilience: one of the most efficient in the market.

APC Symmetra provides detailed visibility of incoming and outgoing power, showing the power quality as well as the efficiency being achieved within the system.

APC Net shelter racks and metered power rails used for vendor agnostic server integration where applicable, for flexibility, monitoring and robustness.


EDC has achieved a secure and energy efficient UPS and saved 30 percent more space that that of other UPSs

Using APC vendor-agnostic racks allows EDC to provide a flexible level of service to its colocation customers

APC’s 3 phase power protection ensures reliability of its server power supplies

Metered PDUs allow EDC customers to measure and monitor their specific power consumption.

Founded in 1987, Enterprise Data Corporation (EDC) has supported government and blue chip commercial clients with data centre services over the past two decades. As a dedicated specialist in business resilience, its operations have expanded substantially year after year. EDC’s success is built on innovation and investment in robust cloud computing mega data centres, and also Enterprise Cloud Business Resilience software developed in-house in Australia for the world market.

EDC’s latest cloud technology solutions benefit corporates and government as it offers the opportunity to migrate traditional applications to a cloud solution easily, with the comfort and peace of mind that all the applications are backed up in a secure multi-tenant active-active dual data centre configuration in New South Wales and Victoria, safely located outside the CBD risk zones.

Market opportunity

EDC was facing a growing appetite for its data centre services driving it to expand its Melbourne facility.

EDC supports customers across a variety of sectors, particularly financial services, which use its IT services to provide application support and critical business data across their organisation.

Schneider Electric IT was the existing supplier of UPS systems to EDC, and its development plans required additional solutions to support its expanded data centre and meets its critical power needs.

The facility was planned to be primarily used as a colocation provider, with dedicated data centre suites providing cloud services to new customers.

The facility also functions as a venue to support business continuity and call centre recovery suites. As a disaster recovery specialist, EDC ensures its clients can move in at short notice and continue their critical business operations seamlessly whilst their original premises are being restored.

“As customer demand for more data centre capacity kept escalating in our business we approached Schneider Electric at the design stage,” said Jude Jacobs CEO, EDC. “This ensured we could plan for the most reliable power solution whilst mitigating our future energy costs and enhancing the competiveness of our business.


As part of the initial Phase 1 upgrade, EDC chose Schneider Electric IT APC Symmetra MW 800kw UPS system for its Melbourne data centre to guarantee critical power reliability for EDC’s customers. The Symmetra MW is one of the most energy efficient UPS on the market.

We need to have as much flexibility in our supporting equipment as possible, whilst still maintaining a reliable and robust system.

The project was executed over a six month period and since then EDC has engaged Schneider Electric IT for customer racks and metered Power Distribution Units (PDUs).

EDC uses APC Net shelter racks and metered power rails for vendor agnostic server integration. This means it can provide flexibility, monitoring and robustness in its service.

“As a business continuity and disaster recovery service provider supporting mission critical production equipment, we need to guarantee our data centre can meet fluctuating demand from our customers,” said Jacobs. “We need to have as much flexibility in our supporting equipment as possible, whilst still maintaining a reliable and robust system.”


Cloud computing services are judged on their security, energy efficiency and cost, and EDC believes Symmetra MW plays a critical role in ensuring its operations will be the most cost effective in the marketplace.

Using metered PDUs allows customers to measure their specific power consumption, which directly impacts their operational costs and allows reporting on their Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating.

“We found APC’s modular rack and row units allows for energy efficiency and built in redundancy. It means we only use the units we need which saves power and cooling devices from working overtime on unused IT servers,” said Jacobs.

“Using APC vendor-agnostic racks allows EDC to provide a flexible level of service to the variable demands of our colocation customers and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.”


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