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Over the Wire sees customer success for its Datacentre 2 with APC

Australian owned and operated telecommunications provider Over the Wire is a leading provider of Hosted Voice Solutions, offering a full product suite of voice, internet, broadband and data centre co-location services. The company has since evolved to offer a fully integrated suite of telecommunication products.


Over the Wire


Telecommunications provider


Brisbane, Queensland


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The business was growing rapidly and customer demand in Queensland for hosted data centre facilities dictated the need for a second data centre

Environment conscious customers were looking for a data centre space that offered significant power and cooling savings


APC InfraStruxure data centre architecture integrating power, rack, management and services

APC’s InfraStruxure’s Hot Aisle Containment System (HACS)


Scalable power, cooling and rack solution that can be expanded easily and cost-effectively as the organisation grows

Improved cooling efficiency and predictability with Hot Aisle Containment System (HACS)

An improvement of 15% to 20% in terms of cooling efficiency when compared to its first data centre facility

Pre-sold 50% of new data centre space based on innovative technology and environmental impact

Over The Wire was recently recognised as Australia’s second fastest growing company in the telecommunications industry and has over 300 clients in Australia.


Over the Wire had experienced significant business growth as a result of increasing demand for hosted data centre solutions by Australian companies.

To meet this growing demand, Over the Wire needed to expand its existing data centre facility which was at capacity and could not accommodate any new customers.

“We built our first data centre when we first launched the business. As the company grew and more Queensland businesses began outsourcing their data centres, it became clear that we would need a new facility to sustain company growth and expand our offering,” said Brent Paddon, Managing Director, Over the Wire.

“The real catalyst for expansion came in late 2009 when we had the opportunity to sign up a large new client, however our existing facility was not large enough to accommodate them. So we needed to fast-track our expansion plans and have our new data centre facility up and running within three months.”


In December 2009, Over the Wire approached APC to discuss a data centre solution that would meet their new data centre computing, power and cooling requirements.

“We had an existing relationship with APC and had worked with them on previous occasions. Although we explored data centre solutions from several vendors, APC were our favoured partner. We were very pleased with the performance of the APC technology and level of service they had previously provided.

“We discussed our specific business and IT needs and reviewed APC’s InfraStruxure and Hot Aisle Containment Solutions,” said Paddon. “The technology was very impressive and combined with our previous experience with APC it was an easy decision to partner with them again.”
Over the Wire deployed APC’s InfraStruxure data centre infrastructure that consists of pre-assembled components including a 160k VA UPS, power distribution units, metered power rails, rack enclosures, and an APC Hot Aisle Containment Solution.

APC’s solutions were ideal for Over the Wire, providing us with significant improvements in power and cooling efficiency that we could then pass on to our customers.

“APC’s solutions were ideal for Over the Wire, providing us with significant improvements in power and cooling efficiency that we could then pass on to our customers.”

According to Paddon, as a growing company it was critical its data centre could be expanded quickly, easily and cost-effectively to support more customers.

“The modularity and scalability of the APC InfraStruxure solution was ideally suited to our needs.”

Environmental and economic advantage with Hot Aisle Containment

APC’s integrated data centre solution delivers highly efficient, scalable and reliable power and cooling capacity to support the Over the Wire business today and in the future.

The leading edge equipment is one of the largest single pod installations of APC’s Hot-Aisle Containment System (HACS) in Australia, in terms of useable rack space.

APC’s HACS improves cooling efficiency and predictability more than row-based cooling alone. The system contains the heat by sealing off the hot aisle, so the hot exhaust is captured at its source, before it has a chance to mix with the cooler ambient air. Catching all this hot air effectively makes cool air distribution a secondary issue.

As opposed to traditional environmental control systems, which inefficiently reduce the temperature of the entire room, hot aisle containment eliminates the over-provisioning of cooling and is therefore much more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

According to Paddon, embracing this new technology was an environmental and economical decision, based on customer demand and efficiency.

“We strongly believe hot aisle containment was the best choice for our requirements. The system is not only environmentally friendly, the cooling technology allows for higher density equipment. We have seen a 15 to 20 per cent improvement in cooling efficiency in our data centre.”


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